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Small projects often turn into large ones at Smart Ideas Services, LLC all thanks to our satisfied clients. Our wide range of services and commitment to client success have earned us an impeccable reputation in the industry. With personalized options and high quality materials, we’re doing everything we can to keep our clients happy through our work.

Carpet Removal

Have existing flooring under your carpet? We'll remove the carpet, dispose of it, and restore the surface underneath.

Floor Installation

We can install your choice of flooring ranging from hardwood floors, to tiles or luxury vinyl. We are experts in Nail Downs, Glue Downs, Floating and many other Installation techniques.

Hardwood Refinishing

Let Smart Ideas Services refinish your existing hardwood floors and remove any stains or scratches. We sand them down, stain and apply polyurethane to the surface using your choice of color.

Hardwood Buff and Coat

Love your floors again! We restore existing hardwood flooring by buffing the surface and applying 3 coats of water or oil based polyurethane.

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